In my childhood I could not keep any pets at home, except some short and occasional periods.
But in the neighbourhoods I had a great possibility to realize myself by sharing and
taking care of all kinds of animals from the horses and cows up to the chickens.
As early as that, a wonderful dream of my own dogs was born.

Today belong to our family six outstanding fine dogs, of which all I am utmost proud and happy.
Most of all I am grateful to the breeders of my dogs for giving me the possibility to have them all.
Our children have matured and moved from home,
and now our dogs share the daily life with my husband and me as equal family members.

In February 2003 I passed the base course for breeders and at the beginning of summer
I finally got FCI's approval for the kennel name of my own.
For the future I have planed a small-scaled breeding at home.

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